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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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embark dare row. we'll break down the impact should it pass. plus finally up and running, the new train service opens today with a free preview for the public. and warming up into the weekend we're tracking heat as we head into the 4th of july holiday. today in the bay continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this thursday. >> i'm sam brock i love those two words together, warming and weekend as long as it's within reason. >> right. >> it's not going to be over 100 degrees, okay. so as you're making plans to head to the beach, it's still going to be cool there. we'll have the clouds and temperatures in the low 60s. so put that in your weekend beach plans as we take a live look outside in san jose and tech i can the spider making an appearance, we will see those temperatures starting out at 60 degrees right now heading up to 80 today so not so bad as you make plans.
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here's a look at what the temperatures will be like as we go throughout the morning. a lot of sunshine by late morning into the afternoon. that sun heats us up this weekend, i'll talk about that coming up in about six minutes. mike as an update for a crash in san jose. i do because it showed up just as we took the last report and it was down here. 101. i did look, most of the bay as green sensors. i know that the crash just north of this camera at mckee it's on the shoulder and it's not causing any problems, just a little bit of burst of traffic happened a little earlier now very calm. back out to the traffic system and we're going to talk about the travel times throughout the east. tri-valley, 680, just slowing for ate 8 through hayward typical for that spot but actually atypically light. back to you. :01, new this morning we have calls in to law enforcement agencies trying to find out more information about this. large police presence overnight in fremont neighborhood.
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our crew on the scene says that officers from several different departments converged at the g&m food mart and gas station that's at the corner of authority ton avenue and fremont boulevard earlier this morning. we can tell you that at least one person was arrested in this incident. when we get more information we'll be sure to pass that right along to you. to washington, d.c. this morning and happening today the house is scheduled to vote on kate's law. >> that law inspired by kate styly the bay area woman who was shot and killed at peer 14 in san francisco two years ago by an undocumented immigrant who'd been deported five times. >> today we're live at that peer this morning two years later with the harsh penalties we could see if this new law passes. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you chris and sam. it's one of two immigration bills being voted on by the house later today. really echoing what president trump talked about all campaign long before he became president. but when it comes to kate's laup, named after kate styly who was killed here at peer 14 not
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too long ago, it would impose harsher mandatory prison sentences on deportees who reenter the country with stronger penalties for knows who have been convicted of nonimmigration crimes. styly as you mention dollars was shot and killed in 2014 by an undocumented immigrant who was released by sheriff's office just months before that incident sbes despite requests by immigration officials to keep him in prison. during a round table tep white house yesterday with family members of those killed by undocumented immigrants, the president talked about the importance of this law being passed. >> the house will also vote on kate's law, named for kate styly who was killed by an illegal immigrant and who's been deported five times. this law will increase peblts for those who repeatedly reenter the country illegally. >> the second bill up for a vote and it would bar states and cities that don't coweight
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operate with authorities for receiving grant money from the department of justice and department of homeland security so that could affect so-called sanctuary cities like san francisco or counties like santa clara county. critics of these bills like the aclu say they're unconstitutional and would undermine the trust between the law enforcement community and the community. all right, pete, thank you. that's certainly not the only new policy we're seeing out of d.c. today. switching to a live look at the airport where portions of president donald trump's revised travel ban are set to go into effect today as 5:00. today in the bay's bob redell is live this morning at sfo come willing up with a live report he's going to explain how this will affect people traveling. let's go to row dert park right now. you'll finally be able to check out the north bay's new smart trains in just a few hours. the sonoma area rail transit
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district is offering free preview rides today of the north bay's new public transit system and there will be several special round trip rides today connecting ron ert park to the marin civic center. they leave at 8:00, 10:00, and noon from the park. and then they'll depart from marin civic center at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 this evening. today's event say soft launch. there the will be more special rides on sunday and tuesday. happening now firefighters still on the scene of a brush fire in san jose. we just spoke with cal fire in the last hour or so. they say the crews were out there overnight looking for hot spots and they will be there this morning as well zbluft case. that fire burned just over 12 acres of brush and it broke out right near several homes. one homeowner told us they think it might have been caused by illegal fireworks. >> while they were working they heard ha they thought were bottle rockets going off and also firecrackers. and this was just a few minutes
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before they smelled and saw smoke. >> so the cause of that fire is still under investigation. fire investigators right now are also looking into the possibility that it was caused by mowing equipment. was it an attempted murder/sue snide that's the question that investigators are trying to answer as they continue looking into an east san jose shooting where a man was found dead and a woman severely injured. we brought you this as breaking news during our midday newscast yesterday. this was on crest ton lane just off story road. the man was on the street, the woman was in a nearby apartment with a gunshot wound. investigators are not yet revealing the relation between the two. happening later today, the grand opening of an affordable housing development in palo alto. the mayfield place has 70 new apartment homes for qualified residents. located on el camino right on the corner of calf avenue so great access to stores and restaurants and caltran.
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city leaders are going to be on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:00 this afternoon. also today the three precious little predators living on the 33rd floor of the pg&e building in san francisco will be tagged. these are live pictures from the falcon cam there and you can see them kind of tooling around there in their northwest. they were born earlier this month and researchers from uc santa cruz will tag them at 10 third this morning. >> reporter: >> this is pictures from them earlier this month we'll get to that as well. you can find on our wep website. they have lived on the 33rd floor for years and we have been tracking them and their. >> different sets of babies throughout the years. >> reporter: >> you see them also watch over the falcons living at san jose hall but it's easier for them because they're only ten stories up instead of thirtd 3.
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>> we're coming up on 6:08 on this thursday morning. we begin with cloudy skies and it's 56 degrees as you get ready to head out the door. we're above the clouds here, it's a beautiful sunrise but a lot of us can't see it because we're in with those clouds. more of the inland areas it will be warmer today. concord's high temperature will be hitting 90 degrees there. 87 in livermore and morgan hill. and santa rosa. 89 degrees in san francisco. expect a high of 66. we keep the cool temperatures along the coast but heating up inland i'll talk about that and a look at palo alto's temperature trend in four minutes. but mike's got some lumber in lanes. yeah. lumber in lanes. this is on the upper east shore freeway. overall will be pleased to see mostly green and just starting to build typical patterns get light prevacation holiday weekend traffic flow. this the concern is eastbound 880 away from the bay bridge and it's right away sky way reports
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of pieces of lumber in the mid of the roadway. we don't want anybody to hit this that. i hope chp has a traffic break. they know about it. a smeerj drive through burke by towards the toll plaza about 20 flinz highway 4 down to that stretch even through the slower drive at university. here are your mass transit reports, no delays, 50 trains running on schedule for bart. back to you. looking good. thank you very much, mike. coming up next on today in the bay from shooting threes to hitting off tees a major golf competition warriors star steph curry will compete in right here in the bay area. plus changes to the laptop ban we'll tell you what you can carry on. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! we'll start with cloudy skies right now at 6:12 on this thursday morning as you get ready to head out the door in palo alto. we're looking at temperatures that will start out in the mid-60s but we'll get sunshine later this morning. the average high temperature will be 78. and our temperatures feel very comfortable for the next couple of days here, but the interior valleys will really start to feel hot. i'll talk more about that and what you can expect coming up in about five minutes. and a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound away from us, there's a steady,
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lighter volume of traffic. we're seeing that all around the bay but i will talk about what i'm trauk tracking. >> we are tracking this. look at that video. this is dramatic video into the newsroom this morning of a u-haul truck caught on camera smashing into a brewery in philadelphia. you see that guy sitting right there right by the windows that happens. he pops right up just in time. police say that that man was driving the wrong way and that he was under the influence when he lost control of the truck and crashed through the window. he was taken to the hospital with a leg injury and then promptly arrested. june is immigrant heritage month and san francisco wants ton close the month way big event today. so it's celebrating immigrants and all the contributions made to society. pop up experience called i am an immigrant takes place at the gallery cafe and emission so you'll have community members there, tech leaders, the mayor will be there, that starts at 10:00 this morning.
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this happy looking puppy is looking for a loving home after quite an ordeal in her short life. she was found struggling to stay alive pay the police officer found that friendly pup running in the street. her face was severely swollen because someone wrapped wire around her muzzle and you can see the scarring around it there. she was brought to the peninsula humane society where they say they found more signs of abuse. >> this could be a person who has another dog as well and we just don't have any information to go on. >> investigators are working to find the person responsible for hurting that pup who has now been given the name gaby by the shelter. they say she is recovering well and she is ready to go home with somebody who wants to wrestle and play fetch. >> still has that playful pirt there. >> so cute. good news the laptop ban on flights from overseas will be phased out. >> so that's going out. better screening on everyone and everything. >> everything, yeah. whatever you're carrying, sam, if it's fairly big they are
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going to take a close look at it. the demt of homeland security says it will use more explosive-sniffing dogs, more chemical screening when they wipe down your hands and lug gauge, and demand that foreign airlines increase their own security. the u.s. also place its own screeners overseas in key airports. if you go through england you'll go through american security after you go through english security. the logic is simple, if isis figured out how to put a bomb in a laptop they can put it in something else. so just increase screening for everything. now, if you are traveling to the middle east, check with your carrier these regulations still in the formative stage and they'll be rolled out in stages. taking a look at blue apron this morning, blue apron is conducting its very first trading on the new york stock exchange this morning after ipoin' last night. it came in as $10 a share, that's a huge disappointment for
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the company. they were expecting a much better price. this may not go well for blue apron as it debuts this morning. the markets made up their losses wednesday, the dew bounced back 143 points, nasdaq up 87. last week i was telling you about the bank stress test and how they would likely be able to give money back to investigators investors? well, that is happening. and it was ten years ago today the iphone went on sale for the first time. june 29th, 2007. >> and here it is. >> that's steve jobs announcing the iphone for the first time on stage in san francisco. that's a joke of course. they never made an iphone with a old-style die yol. he had it in his pocket the whole time. he gave this really long wind up. you may remember having a phone, this san apple phone in conjunction with motorola could
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called the rocker rockr, it was just terrible. it was made by motorola that they even tried it was a terrible, terrible, terrible idea. >> it did not look high tech. >> iphone worked out. >> it worked out pretty well. >> and plus you talk about the esthetics of phone, that are might have been an ugly phone, but today's smartphones -- >> you remember how they used to be in different shapes. there was one like a glasses case and then boom all of a sudden they're round and rectangles. >> yep, all made of glats that we probably smash. >> i've definitely done that more than once. from driving down the court to driving down the fairway warrior star steph curry has accepted an invitation to play at the alley may class of golf tournament. this is part of the pga web tour which is the old nike tour. that means he's going up against professional golfers. he's essentially a professional golfer he's all mott a scratch
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golfer. he tweeted it's always been his dream to play with the pros and his talents on the course are well known. in 2015 he and his dad golfed against then president barack obama and they lost. i'm arcing there's maybe some funny business going on here and he took his foot off the pedal the he tease off july 31st in hayward. happening today, the warriors world championship trophy starts the official tour of the bay area, it will be at the built contest in berlin game and in san mateo and then on friday it heads to the warrior's team store at oracle arena, on saturday it will be at the team store on walnut creek. sunday it will be at the west field shopping center in san francisco. go check it out, take a selfie make sure you tag nbc bay area because we want to see it. i wonder if you're going to be able to touch it and hold it up over your shoulder.
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>> no. >> handel with care. >> absolutely '. >> we're going to have some great weather for all of those locations as we head into the weekend. long holiday weekend for some people, maybe you'll be off as well and planning to hit the road, so we'll talk about that. let's get a look outed window right now. it's 56 degrees and still some low clouds. you'll see that for most of the morning but then we go above the clouds for mount hamilton as the sunrises 'the. now right now as you get ready to step out the door we have upper 40s in santa rosa, 57 degrees in palo alto, and it's 60 degrees now in san jose with high temperatures there reaching 80 degrees. 87 degrees in morgan hill. so it will start to become a lot warmer in some spots. antioch 91 degrees. dan ville 88 and fremont today expect a high of 78. san mateo low 70s there. we'll see the clouds slowly clearing but you won't get smuch clearing in parts of sfrabs, the mission district up to 68 degrees.
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89 degrees with much more sunshine in santa rosa. lookingty forecast today for assistant an cruz if you're planning to head to some of the beaches enjoy your summer and temperatures will be cool to start. still quite cool at noontime but then at 4:00 we're at 71 degrees and the breeze kicking up there too. and head toog some of the hiking trails in the peninsula maybe some place like russian peak as we will see those temperatures in the upper 50s to start. and cool also at teb:00. we'll also see mostly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 60s. as we look ahead to the holiday weekend looks like for the valleys it will be in the low 90s. monday the coastal fog moves back in and for the 4th of july it will be clear in the valleys but san francisco may have some coastal clouds and that's what we're going to see over the next few days as our temperatures stay in the 60s mostly exempt for saturday. the interior valleys will see the highs up to 93 degrees on saturday. so we'll definitely feel like summer as we welcome in july. and mike now has a new crash for
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the north bay. along with that crash a warm weather warning, becareful lots of motorcycles out. this crash voflds a motorcycle. south bay all the way to the city a smooth drive. ooecht east bay just mild build for hayward. over here southbound 680 lake herman road over by the refinery we do have reports of a motorcycle crash. motorcycle riders up but does have scrapes and road rash perhaps that's what is reported. someone standing in the center of divide always causes slowing but then it clears by the time you hit the car cain nus bridge. that person again has road rash but everything else sounds like they're okay. looking out to the waze system and over here from fremont to san jose right now they're saying ate eight or 680 it's a toss up so choose either. that will change dra plat tickally over the course of the morning and through the afternoon. make sure you check waze on your phone either today, later on
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today or throughout the holiday weekend, waze will help you pick the best route. back to you. coming up next today in the bay, preventing hot car deaths. a clever device a young boy came up with to save other kid's lives. rises, so do the number of
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summertime of course well under way but as the temperature rises so too do the number of tragics involving kids left in hot cars. a young inventor in texas has a big idea which he believes could save lives. 11-year-old biv shop curry invented a device when parents have left children behind in a carpet was inspired when he saw news coverage of a baby dying in a hot car not far from where he lives. he calls his device oasis. it senses when a child is left in a hot car and sends an alert to the parents. and also blows cold air until help arrives. >> he came up to me and dpliend me his solution and i thought why wasn't this in stores now. >> his daddy actually works for toyota and the car manufacturer was so impressed with the idea it invited bishop and his dad to michigan for a safety conference. >> what a little engineer. we respond tie santa clara
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county woman who's up set with the pace of the government $3 million rebate program. it pays people to get rid of wood burning fireplaces and stoves. one homeowner has been waiting 7 months for her money. she asked chris to get to the bottom of it. >> good morning. she signed up back in october, updated her wood burning fireplace then filed receipts and photos yet she still hadn't seen a penny. she called it a classic example of waeft of funds and incompetent lazy bureaucracy. we took her concerns to the bay area air quality management district. it says many people wound up on a waiting list. the good shuz she just cleared the wait list because one person ahead of her cancelled. now her application is under final review. she should be on track for a $1,000 check within 60 days. elizabeth is lucky, the $3 million of rebates went fast, only 400 grand remains. likely not enough money to pay
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everyone left on the waiting list. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips. or online next up on the bay, we're showing an intense shootout between police and an armed robbery suspect. >> show us your hands. >> what led up to the violent confrontation coming up. president trump's limited travel ban goes into effect later today. the exemptions would allow some of the travelers entry here into the united states. you're watching today in the bay. for the breakout event... [ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. rated pg.
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welcome back. right now it's 6:30. we're getting ready for a weather warm-up as we head into the holiday weekend but don't tell the fog that. as we look live outside things nice and cool to start this thursday. thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock in mill pete dus it's in san francisco, you've got fog and clouds all over the place but that's going to clear soon. >> except for the immediate coastline that's where we are going to keep those temperatures nice and cool and we can look at these high temperatures in san francisco and see that our high today up to 66 degrees. 68 degrees tomorrow and 71 degrees on saturday. so it does lead us into a very nice weekend for the long holiday for some people. we are going to see the interior
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valleys warming up. look at the saturday high temperature, 93 degrees and on the 4th of zbrul u july it does come back down to 84, which will be right at about where we should be. as we head into the next several days we'll talk about what's ahead for some events going on in six minutes. mike's tracking what's happening right now out on the roads. that's right. we're going to show you some slowing that shows up in the south bay but it's over here 101 and mild. same thing for 85 the bottom of your screen. silicon valley nothing unusual about the pattern but i'm tracking reports of debris in cupertino north 280. and just now we see a little bit of yellow showing up. we'll track and that let you know if we have to did a traffic break. meanwhile over toward the east a smooth easy flow of traffic. south through hayward through the nimitz that's lighter than they actually see. back to you. thank you very much. happening today parts of the president 'controversial travel ban will go into effect in just about 11 hours.
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it will impact people traveling to the u.s. from six muslim-majority countries. >> bob redell joining us live to kploin how these new rules are going to impact travelers and also what local organizations are doing to help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you sam and chris. we do not know how many people, if any, will be out here to protest the travel ban that goes into effect later today. there were many last time at sfo just not clear if there be the same turnout this time around. we do know there will abe number of lawyers that are expected to be out here. the balance of our time to help any travelers that might be stuck in limbo. here's what we know so far. the associated press has seen a cable from the state department that was sent out to consulates and embassies that indicates that this limited travel ban will go into effect tonight at 5:00 pacific time. if anyone traffic from those six countries, syria, sudan, somalia, iran, and yemen already
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have a u.s. visa, their veesal not, he voekd. if a traveller from one of those countries is applying for entry to the u.s., they must have a parent, a spouse, a child, a son or daughter-in-law already here in the u.s. to be eligible for entry. other relationships like grandparents or grandchildren would not be eligible. we spoke with an attorney with the asian law caucus, that's one of the groups that was out here in january during the original ban. that same group tells us they plan to set up on-site legal clinics today just outside the international arrivals at sfo. >> we're not expecting the same sorts of crowds that we snau january for a number of reasons. not the least of which is because people don't know when to show up. they don't know when this is is going to go into effect. >> to reiterate, there is new information overnight that this new limited travel ban is scheduled to go into effect at 5:00 tonight. reporting live here outside sfo,
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bob redell today in the bay. all right. thank you. 6:33 and happening today also a plan to hold court arraignments that are meant for oakland in dublin instead is being met with protest. the east county half justice is set to open 'in july. they say that making oakland defendants travel 30 miles would be inconvenient for them and their families. opponents of the new courthouse would hold a news conference  today, a rally also in oakland starting at 12:15. the most senior catholic is responding to sexual assault charges filed against him. cardinal george pell says he's innocent. cardinal pell is the pope's chief financial adviser. he's also the highest ranking vatican official to ever n charged in the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal. australian police have not released details about the charges against pell. the pope has given minimum a leave of absence to clear his name. a dramatic video from
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maryland shows police caught in a gunfight with an armed robbery suspect earlier this month. and the whole exchange was caught on camera. >> show us your hands. >> this happened on june 7th. police say this man blaine robert herb robbed two people in a nearby shopping center. two officers stopped the bus to talk to him and that's when he opened fire for about a minute and a hfl. he shot at police from inside that butts eventually drawing a second gun. >> drop the gun. [ gunshots ]. >> herb tried to run from the bus but then was shot and injured by officers. police say he didn't listen to them when they asked him to stop and drop his weapons so then they shot and killed him. also new this morning we are just now learning about a shooting in the east bay that sent one man to the hospital. this happened a little bit afternoon yesterday. it was in antioch on sycamore drive not far from highway 4. police did just release details
6:36 am
on the shooting this morning. she say officer found a man who was shot and he was taken to a hospital. we do not have any word at that point on how he's doing. >> if you'd like to have a say in the future of transportation in contra costa county today's your chance. the county transportation authority is holding a public open house tonight in walnut creek and they'd like input as they develop a transportation policy for the next two decades. that meeting starts at 6:30 tonight at 2999 oak road. all right. looking out the bay again i want to take you down to the south bay where we do have traffic flowing smoothly but, look, we haven't got that crash over there in cupertino that's cleared off of 280 northbound. we have southbound 101 at ellis that's an issue. some sort of debris in the roadway or perhaps a disabled vehicle so that will be an issue just for the time being but we don't see slowing at least four 101 there. east bay and tri-valley typical slowing patterns for hayward, little bit for the san mateo
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bridge but this is much lighter than we often see. get over to the bay bridge top of your screen now we hit 25 minutes but now it's usually up to 40 minutes. so this is good stuff right now. everything is relative. what'd we got? >> we're almost there and it's going to be for some people a long weekend. maybe you're taking off early next week vour some family coming in town, i've got you covered. looking at saturday's forecast. for the coast it's in the low 70s and very nice. we'll still keep the clouds there but clear by the bay, 80 lee degrees and 93 for the valley. so maybe you're making pool plans or maybe something in the air-conditioning. it's going to be up to 90 degrees inland on sunday. our temperatures coming down just a couple of degrees from saturday. and also on saturday we have the fill more jazz feftd val happening in san francisco. it's going to be perfect.
6:38 am
high temperatures just briefly hitting 70 degrees. it's going to be comfortable with all of that sunshine and then on sunday russian river will have some fireworks in monta rio as our temperatures will be in the mid 80s during the day during those festivities and then right at dusk the fireworks will start and our temperatures will be in the low 70. so maybe just bring some long sleeves just in case. if you're making road trip plans to led to the sierra, here's a live look this morning. still some snow, this is your rare opportunity to do some skiing in july. and our high temperatures will be reaching into the upper 70, so maybe you'll be skiing with some short sleeves on. going to yosemite for the next several days our temperatures will be in the mid-70. also beautiful weather there leading into the 4th of july. and heading farther to the north, shasta lake is going to be hot. expect the highs there on sunday up to snooint degrees -- 97 degrees. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for los gatos
6:39 am
coming up in three minutes. thank you, carrie. speaking out for the first time coming up. >> i still think about people that i wasn't able to help. >> that is the police officer who was responding to the london bridge attack. he's sharing his emotional story of survival. >> plus the president of the united states a few minutes ago made one of his most personal aifr tacks ever on twitter. we'll tell you all about it coming up. and we have seen the market continue to bump upwards this week. the dow johns industrial average continuing that trend right now it's up just shy of 15 points at 21,469. good news for the big banks or buy backs is what's pushing things up this morning. we're back with more news in two minutes.
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it's 6:32 on this thursday morning. a lot of clouds over the south bay and the temperatures turn for los gatos as we'll see those temperatures in the mid-60s. at 9:00 a little bit of clearing there and bright sunshine in the afternoon heating those temperatures up. that warming trend kinz into the weekend were we could be seeing more 90s. i'll talk more about that coming up in five minutes. we're look offering here the great travel times through the tri-valley. this really a very light backup. i'll show you some other spots and see how the rest of our commute is holding up.
6:43 am
thank you, mike and carrie. a live look right now from peer 14 on the embarca dare row in san francisco as house lawmakers are going to vote today on kate's law inspired by the shooting that happened here in san francisco in 2015. kate's law is named after kate styly who authorities say was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant. president trump backs this bill. >> the house will also vote on kate's law named for kate styly who was killed by an illegal immigrant and who had been deported five times. this law will enhance criminal penalties for those who repeatedly reenter the country illegally. >> at the same time there's another piece of legislation right now up for a vote that would bar states an cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities from receiving grant money from the department of justice and from the department of homeland security. our breaking news now we're looking live at pictures this morning showing that wildfire
6:44 am
burning in southern california near camp pendleton. we learned than overnight this fire in san diego county grew 400 acres to 700 acres. it is called the chris an neat tose fire if the started at 7:00 last night so it hasn't been burning that long and it spread 100 acres within just an hour this morning. it is now 10% contained. north of there in los angeles county evacuations orders orders were lifted for this fire in burbank. firefighters were able to keep those fires to about ten acres, prevent the dplaimz flames from spreading to that nearby neighborhood. it's 75% contained this morning. it's a day that the british will never forget when attackers went on a rampage on the london bridge killing eight people in a matter of minutes gnat attacked happened on june the 3rd. one the police officer who took opt attackers and was stabbed in the process is just now speaking
6:45 am
out publicly. officer wayne marks was the first officer to face all three attackers. he had no gun, he was armed only with a baton, but he still responded to the chaos as the attackers were going after their first vikz. one of the attackers hit him in the eye and he was temporarily blinded. in an interview, marks describes confronting them nonetheless, getting injured and trying to leave his last messages for his family. >> the officer that was holding my hand i call his name two or three times and he knows that i'm right there and he comes in close. i got blood in my mouth i remember spitting it out so i could get my message out. i was giving him my last messages to, you know, my family, my partner. >> what a hero marks really was. eyewitnesss that were on the ground there is a that he no doubt saved lives and his sight has since returned but he's not sure when he'll be able to go back to work. the three attackers were later shot by specialist armed police at a busy market not far from
6:46 am
london bridge. 6:45 and new this morning former president barack obama 8 be honored with a street in los angeles. the city council voted unanimously to rename three miles of rodeo road in sul ver city as obama boulevard. to the not to be confused with rodeo boulevard. he then held his first campaign rally on rodeo road. he said the only concern that people raised was they wanted obama's name to be on a longer street. happening later today, the president is going to meet the new president of south korea at the white house. south korean president moon jae-in is seen here paying respects to the marine corpse yesterday. the u.s. marines helped to evacuate his parents polar than 65 years ago. during today's meeting with president trump, he's expected to raise concerns about trade
6:47 am
issues, barring the sale of american-made cars in south korea. with so much going on in washington, d.c. early this morning, the president used twitter to attack a woman's looks. >> they specifically stopped and this is one of the more disturbing tweets from the president. >> it is indied. the president said he would not meet with ber incidence sky because she was bleeding from her face. here's a statement from our president this morning. i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me, don't watch anymore. then how come low iq crazy mika along with psychojoe came to mara lag doe flee nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining. she was bleeding badly from a facelift, i said no. morning joe is of course a television news program on msnbc. trump used to have a very good relationship with the program. they took his phone calls on air constantly, even before he was a
6:48 am
presidential candidate. joe and mika are married by the way. trump offered to conduct the ceremony at the white house. he made that offer at the very same new year's eve gathering that he tweeted about this morning. reporters will be asking the white house if that was an appropriate statement for one of the leaders of the free world to make or for that matter how the first lady's program fighting cyber bullying is going. it's not clear the white house will be responding on camera. yesterday sara huckabee sanders refused to go on camera, audio only, this is file tape of her. reporters asked her about the president's peculiar tweet accusing amazon of not paying an internet tax. there is no internet tax. when asked about the tweet, huckabee sanders said she had not spoken to the president about it. the president spokes people had said that in the past, they hadn't talked to the president about global warming nor the russian hacks. now, unfortunately because it was off camera, we cannot show you the white house spokesperson not knowing about the president
6:49 am
accusing a company of not paying a tax that doesn't exist. but we knew the attacks were coming. here's candidate trump saying he'll take on amazon because its ceo owns "the washington post" and the washington post is asking too many questions. >> every hour we're dwegt calls from reporters on the washington post asking ridiculous questions and i will tell you this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos who controls amazon. amazon is getting away with murder taxwise. ease using the washington post foyer power so that the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit pr it. that's not right. and believe me, if i become president, oh, do they have problems. >> the problems have began. to be clear, amazon is owned by share hold rerz air hooij huge portion of those shares are owned by jeff bay soez zoez. he also owns "the washington post." amazon does not oent post nor
6:50 am
advice vaers. well, what do you think about all this? we'd love to here from you. you can contact us on twitter, me directly alt-right my desk on scott mcgrew. we know that there's conflicts this woosh, there's conflicts on the roadways as well. we'll get to that in a minute. >> down to the south land. >> you don't want to hear about that. let's go to the forecast. >> it looks good. we do start out with clouds we'll see that clearing out as we go through the day and 2011 it will abe nice afternoon but starting to warm up especially for the interior valleys. we're seeing that sunshine already in the tri-valley and it's 64 degrees in the middle of the screen in peninsula still cloudy, 58 degrees and 60 in the south bay with those clouds overhead. we're going to see the low cloudslinger in sfrafs, only a little bit of clearing adds we go into the afternoon and we're also seeing some clouds in the north bay. it's 48 degrees with highs today reaching up to 85 in napa, 89 degrees in santa rosa, and some
6:51 am
mid-60s or half moon bay while concord will be up to 90 degrees. so a wide range in temperatures. and as you're look out the window, you see the clouds and getting dressed for the day, it will be a good day for long sleeves maybe a lighted jacket, but you will need short sleeves for later on today. and don't forget the sun glasses. we're going see the sunshine in oakland as well as we start out with clouds at 8:00 it will be 59 degrees. but then at noontime some partly cloudy skies, into the upper 60s and low 70 today. going to be another nice day. nice weekend to head to napa valley although those temperatures will start to warm up. we'll see some upper 80s in time for the weekend. while san francisco stays in the upper 60s to low 70s, we will have a nice weekend ahead there. keeping those temperatures nice and comfortable while it does start to feel much more uncomfortable for the inland areas. we'll see some of the hottest temperatures reaching 93 degrees on saturday and still hot sunday have looks like some great pool weather. for the 4th of july we'll cool
6:52 am
it down just a bit, up to 84 degrees and mostly clear skies in time for the fireworks. and mike has heard about a closure on the highway. >> that's right. we have a closure right now, we're just getting word that are wire's down on 152. most of your commute looks lighter than standard. 'if you're taking the family heading down towards universal studios, disneyland, 152 is closed right now about that garlic plant where you see all that smoke and wonderful smells there. right now there are wires across the roadway not far from that and that may have a local washing around but as far as i know all i know is 152 closed right now. >> i don't know about the rerut route. you see slowing in both directions. that's a problem right now. if you have an option, take maybe 580 over toward i-5 getting through the tri-valley if you're farther north, that's an option. no delays for mass transit. and then we'll leek at waze.
6:53 am
we do have a slowing for 880 so it takes us to kaefrt and the peninsula to avoid that. it will help you today, tomorrow, throughout the holiday weekend make sure you check with waze before you hit a familiar or unfamiliar route and check a familiar team, nbc bay area wazers. back to you. a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay coming up, including the president's controversial travel ban taking effect in just about ten hours now. the impact it will have on travelers here. we're getting a better picture in morning of the damage inflicted by severe storms and at least one tornado that tore through the midwest. an emergency official says that one person was injured when a tornado touched down in western wisconsin damaging about 25 to 30 homes and farm buildings there. plus an a 2 d 2 droid that was used in the "star wars" film has sold at auction for almost $3 million. this morning we do not know who
6:54 am
the money bag lucky buyer is. we're back with more news coming up in two minutes. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on 6:56 now. welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on today in the bay. and let's start here a live look outside the airport right now where the president's controversial revised travel ban does go into effect later today at 5:00. here's how it will impact
6:57 am
travelers. anybody with a current visa can come in but new visa applicants have to have family already in the states. parents and children qualify, grandparents and grandchildren do not. again, all this going into effect at 5:00 p.m. this evening. in the meantime, there are new screening measures that are in eeb infect for passengers flying into the u.s. the department of homeland security says it is foregoing ex-expanding the ban on laptops and other electronics. instead there's going to be a new layer of screening to prevent nefarious plots inexcluding more checks of carry-on bags, bomb-sniffing dogs and swabs for explosives. it will affect 2,000 flietsz every day coming from 105 different countries. and new this morning we have calls into law enforcement agencies to try to figure out what is going on here. there was a large police presents overnight in a fremont neighborhood and our crew on scene said that several officers from different departments
6:58 am
converged at the. good&m food mart earlier this morning. at least one person was taken into custody in that incident. when we get more information, we will pass it on to you. also a live look this morning from the new ronner in the park smart train station if the in just about an hour riders will get to take their very first ride from the north bay transit system. it's a preview ride and there are a few special rides scheduled for today. the trains will leave at 8:00, 10:00, and 2:00 from rohnert park. then they'll return to ronner in the park from marin sifg center at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. coming up president trump's late-night fundraiser at his own hoe felt plus why he says there's a big surprise coming on healthcare. a live look outside a little is unsunshine peak through that
6:59 am
cloud right now. we're getting ready for a warm-up as we head into the holiday weekend. >> we know you mighting heading south for the holiday weekend. >> i have a work apround for folks heading to perhaps universal studios. >> you got your red on you're ready tort holiday weekend. >> it's going to be a great but warm holiday weekend. we're going to see the coastal areas in san francisco, those stay nice and comfortable while the interior valleys make it into low 90s starting tomorrow continuing through sunday. but it does cool down several degrees in time for the 4th. >> all right. thank you very much, kerry. >> one 52 you're going to l.a., the central valley you're in trouble. >> that's right. we'll take you to the map and explain it to folks. most of the bay is commuting great. but if you're take the family or just yourself down toward universal studios, 152 blocked by wires right around where that garlic plant is, you alter need is lead weed to ferguson.
7:00 am
>> i've taken that route ny self. that's what's happening in the bay we'll be back with live noek local news. >> all right. the today show starts right now. >> all right. the today show starts right now. . >> good morning, breaking overnight. nbc news has learned parts of president trump's controversial travel ban set to take effect this evening. but there are a lot of questions this morning. just who will be banned and how will officials enforce the new rules? criminal behavior, sex assault charges filed against the highest ranking vatican official ever. a cardinal and a member of pope francis' inner circle. >> relentless character assassination. >> this morning, why he claims she a victim. and what the pope is saying about the accusations. central park mystery, nearly a year after a teenager lost his leg when he fell o


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